Split Later

as if by magic

I can wake

with ease-

the world slips

from my

fist and onto

the floor-

illuminating every

feeling I’ve

ever felt;

there, on the ground,

shining back

into my face.

the world

has nothing left

to show me

to convince me to stay-

just like magic:

seen enough to know the tricks.

I Fell For Yes

We listened

to Hendrix

on one

of your

old record

players; I

watched as

the sound

span round,

in time

with the guitar,

almost caressing

the speakers.

You held my

hands behind

my back,

told me that

the only

way to

do this

was the only

way to do this-

listening to

Hendrix pour

his soul

into our ears

just as we

stumble up

the stairs

to do

God knows


We begin,

as ever, again;

we begin again,

hoping to start

with arms

wide open.

Well, It Is Sunday

I woke this


to find

I couldn’t move

my legs

from their place

within the


and my head-

my head

screamed out

for no more


no more of this

and my legs

my legs

began to twist-

breaking in

several places

from their position

within the bed

and the banging

the banging within

my head

eased to a slow


in time with

my heart

as the curtains

folded and fell