Garden Light

I saw the reflection
As I stood,
Having my evening cigarette.
At first I thought
The smoke was clouding
My vision
But to my surprise,
I seemed to be seeing just fine.
The light was spilt into two sections;
My own shadow
And that of someone else’s.
I was not scared.
I almost hoped it would kill me
And take away my soul for supper.
I stood by the window
For what felt like a year
But it was only a minute within the confides of fear.
I saw the eyes of a man
With the body of a young woman,
She was beautiful
And he, well he was too.
That frail thing crept toward me
In the night,
Whispering lessons and tales of life.
I finished my cigarette
And returned to the warmth of my home
But without that reflection, I began to feel alone.
I drew my curtains
And took a look down…
Nothing was there,
Nothing but the shadow of the ground.
I told myself to try again another day,
Never to believe for a second this was a meer phase.
So I penned it down
Onto this page,
In the hope I could remember it’s face
But nothing was there
And nothing still remains within my reflection.


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