Night Blind

I woke up to the sound
Of his heart,
Heavy in my chest,
Knocking me out for a shot
At the best.
His eyes confused
The very bright of day
But I simply laid still,
Unable to say…

In wisdom come,
I will be done,
As Earth as it is
In love,
Send those who cry, up
To the above.

I heard his screams first
As the darkness hit
And splattered across my face
Like a kiss.
The helplessness came next,
With every hush
Of every caught breath;
His eyes opened to welcome the light…

Give us today our daily bread
As we pray for those
Who long to be dead.
Lead us not into heaven
But into mind,
Where lovers wonder
And hate is blind.

I saw his whole body shake
When nightmares flooded sleep
And his thoughts laid, weak.
I watched man go from broken
To a vessel of beauty,
Only, never quite capturing the sense.
I’ve seen bloodshed
And I’ve seen love,
Quite the same in reality.

Forgive us our sins
As we forgive those who sin against us.


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