Why talk, if all
That appears is fear?

Why murmur lies,
When you can shout the truth?

Why live in a world
That accepts war,
More so than love?

If hurt is all we shall receive,
Why bother wearing hearts
Upon open sleeves?

Why risk your life,
When there is a smokescreen
To live behind?

Every television show
Shows the scars of a wounded nation,
Left, battling for confirmation.

Why bleed,
If all that appears
Is distant fears?

One man,
One woman,
A destined pair,
Complete for heaven.

But when jealously rises
And pride gathers at empty feet,
Who is left to admit defeat?

Why touch another
When you can punch and kick?
Why nurture good health
When you can become consumed,
Trapped in a circle of crashing wealth.

Why bother with the unborn,
The souls of wondering lives,
Under a microscope of this,
Which is life.

And I ask now,
After hearing this,
Does it make you sick?


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