My love, I fear now, that the end may be in my sight. I dreamt of you last night, sitting as still as a newborn life, without a single amount of breath to hold you up. I cried, O how I did, picturing you, with once last kiss. My dear, this is no plea on my part, there is no hope for my own heart but there is for yours, oh, so much more.

I was once a child, carelessly running through the world and longing to solve all of it’s problems but the truth is, I never could, not with this one body and this one mind. You, you are terribly blind, never seeing the good that looms over your bed; you are ignorant to your own thoughts inside your own head. Your talent is endless but your destruction constantly follows close behind, though not many see, I am no fool, I am yours, after all.

My love, I’m frightened. I fear you may wake and walk into the night, never to return. I fear my scars that you created, shall always burn. What more can I say? Your mind needs peace, my mind needs peace, well, we all need peace.


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