A Day Of Change

I think people desired 

his friendship

more so than mine,

though I never got

left behind,

I was thrown aside 


As my head hit

the ground,

it didn’t wake up 

the neighbours,

it didn’t even ring

alarm bells,

for he had told them

of my fate,

as expected,

they carried my body

to the lake

and took the clothes 

from my possession. 

His eyes met mine

as I drifted off

to some place better,

some place I could stay

and feel no longer

stuck between the days.

I think he missed me

for a while,

before she walked in

and his grimace 

turned to a grin. 

She was his now,

they all desired 

her friendship,

quite like they did his,

she was beautiful,

he was lost in the bliss. 


her time did come,

he had used up

her beauty,

it was ageing,

cracking from the routine 

of perfection. 

And, you guessed it,

he took her to 

that very same lake,

they ripped off her clothes,

laying her within the cool,

forgiving water.

Her eyes locked with his

and he didn’t miss her for a second. 


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