Theory Of People

Some people are loud,

they shout over others

to feel of value,

to feel noticed. 

Some people are quiet,

life bothers them,

they’d rather not be heard

than have to shout

over the noise. 

I am neither

of the above,

I am more of

a lover,

a sucker

for the complete. 

Others, will prefer 

to shelter under

the skin of another,

perhaps their partner,

perhaps their family,

they won’t care who

as long as it’s someone. 

Some people

are driven by the

beauty of success. 

Money calls their name,

earning it,

wasting it;

fancy cars

for their fancy hearts. 

Tender humans 

seem more suspicious,

they wonder around

empty bars,

drinking their loneliness down

until it’s all

but a nasty taste;

they have nothing,

nothing but the hope

of an escape. 

I am all of these

complex, twisted individuals,

rolled into one


my soul may grow

black with the remainder 

of tar and stale air

but my spirit,

my spirit will always be there,

swimming in the noise. 


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