The Gummy Bear

There were two of them,

one walked with

a slight hunch,

the other, two,

walked with ease. 

They were a team,

both of them, together,

the two of them. 

They had dreams,

one wanted his own golf club

and two wanted to own a pub. 


they had stuck their teeth into,



and nothing else


but the taste 

of anothers blood

poured over a crisp


One of two

said to two

he wanted to travel

the world,

two punched one

in the face,

knocking out two

of his front teeth. 

One was renamed

The Gummy Bear,

a name that stuck

for years. 

Two went on

to open up his pub,

drowning in his

very own dream. 

The Gummy Bear

found that not many

businesses were hiring 

men of his standard,

two front teeth missing

and a faint scar above his left eye.

So one preferred

to stay inside. 

Two called up one,

the phone just rang


and o


Two left a message,

one heard the message. 

One called up two,

the phone just rang


and o



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