When will the sirens 

stop their dreadful song?

When will the streets

promise hope, instead

of hate?

When will love

overrule violence?

Acceptance is all we ask,

though it sounds like

we’re asking for the world

to cave in

and start all over again. 

Love cannot be stopped,

the human heart can

overcome more

than ones loaded gun,

it can move storms,

it can rock this earth,

if only our voices

would be heard

over all the madness,

if only our words

would reach the minds

of those,

so closed off. 

You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination,

your religion preaches,

the same religion that

would rather kill thousands

of sinners, and still preach 

to a God of peace;

but let me ask,

where is your god now? 

Where is he within your

twisted views, based on a book

written thousands of years ago,

a fairytale of good will for

the open hearted. 

Where is he now?

Where is he to stop this?

Would he of wanted this?

This violence, this hatred?

Love is love. 

Man and man. 

Woman and woman. 

Woman and man. 


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