Poorly Written Entertainment 

Entertaining the others

in the kitchen,

I would watch you

with a growing sense 

of envy;

your face would stretch 

and snap straight back

into a laugh; they would

always love the

passion that came

as you recalled your past. 

I never could get 

a word in when

you prepared the nights

entertainment; I rarely missed

the joys of speaking,

not as your voice 

became mine, your words,

my words; you spoke for the

both of us, shyness 

took a backseat, 

retreating to sulk in

the corner

as the evening continued to bloom.

You. You. You. 

You would dance around

the living room, making

everyone else look dead. 

You tired us all out,

until people started to leave

and you would take great offence. 

I loved you when they

were there, laughter healing

your heart with every story 

and I loved you endlessly 

when they left and

how I cradled you

when the loneliness came

to snatch you away. 


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