Six Simple

The critics believe

their job is

one of cruelty,

after all,

they surely didn’t 

aspire to mark

and grade other’s art? 

Now, the critics 

will act as if

they did it better,

only, of course they didn’t 

or if they did, the ship

sunk long before it

had the chance to properly sail. 

And, and these critics,

they over-analyse the living

right out of everything

they see or read,

getting their fangs 

into some anonymous soul,

only to tell them

no, after all the meat

had be chewed and ripped


Critics are hungry,

though not hungry enough 

for change;

they want art that’s beautiful,

paintings of beautiful women,

poetry written in the whirlwind 

of a beautiful love

or short stories based

around an oak tree in spring. 

They crave beautiful,

delicate words;

never mention ‘cunt’

they don’t take too kindly

to that. 


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