I’m Tired Because


How it always seems to pour whenever I leave the house looking somewhat decent 

The days are longer 

During the evenings I would rather retreat to bed instead of seeing the night away properly 

Smoking has become as seductive as your thighs 

You won’t look at me in the same way



Nothing’s happening or because everything’s happening and my head can’t process it

I know you’re longing for her

She’s perfect

Your perfection splits my head into two


The people I love the most are dying every damn day


All of the lonesome fake artists are clinging onto my knees, pulling me down with them

This world will not let me rest

Out of all the faces I see no ones brings me joy as much as yours 


I can’t even muster up the courage to call my mother 

I miss her voice

I miss my grandmothers laugh


Mornings bash around inside my skull and I find myself paralysed with the fear of not getting up

And I’m tired because 

well, because

because I am. 


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