4 Hours

The warmth from 

your body

stuck to the

sheets long after

you left; it 

was almost as

though you were

still there, sitting 

on the edge of the bed,

muttering a

language I never understood. 

I miss the sight

of you, waking 

me each morning

with a new problem,

a new trial;

I miss the

smell of you,

the mix of sweat

and sweetness-

I love you,

whatever that may mean,

I feel it,

whatever it may be. 

The warmth of

your body is

in my sheets,

the prescene of

your stare 

is behind my back,

vibrations from your 

laughter still haunts 

my ears

and I lie,

I lie helpless, shivering 

in the shadow 

of you. 


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