Was It Finished?

Some part of me

wants to move on

do something else

embrace normality

return to nothing

live as people do

people who

who are unlike me

unlike you

and in some distant part

of this body

there is a yearning for it

strangely so

a hunger to give up

submit to life

as any other soul would do.



I light another;

my mouth’s burning,

my tongue sticking

to my teeth-

but the flame,

it’s warming my

insides with something-

at least, something. 

So, I light another,

then another;

my eyes burn,

all that I once saw

is breaking like ash

at my fingertips,

and the flame,

it still burns,

burns a hole right 

from my throat 

to my stomach-


I light another,

the sun falls under

the weight of the moon;


Trees twist,

blowing in the wind-

I should really quit. 

One and Six

I want,

so badly,

to belong

in this,

to be

a part

of this; 

to wake

each morning 

and know,

know this 

will be

waiting, waiting

at the 

door, which 

remains open,

just as

long as


I want,

so desperately,

to belong 

in this,

to be 

a part

of this; 

to have

faith in

the knowledge 

that I 

am good

at this,

belong in 

this, am

in this;

whatever ‘this’ 

may be. 


Dear faithful page,

I have neglected you

Once again.

Spending most of my time,

Losing my mind

And searching through

The dirt to find it.

I’ve found a man;

A man to whom 

I owe my life

But, I could never 

Stand to be his wife.

I can feel times changing 

As his grasp loosens,

My hands they fall

As the storm brews.

Faithful friend,

I fear I am

Coming to my end;

All that has been lost

Is not yet won again;

I need to be free of such

Clinging pain.

So I shall leave you

Once more,

With a note placed

Above my door

And it shall say:

Please don’t leave me this way.


In the morning
we shall wake
and think on
the things last night
could not decide.
We could possibly hide,
though our guts are strong
and our minds know those
which are wrong.

In the morning
we shall lie
in a room,
unknown to our bodies;
a room so blank,
even sunlight cannot wake
us from dreaming.

And in the evening
we shall eat,
discussing subjects that rial our brains
leaving us insane.
We shall love
with two hearts open b
and another heart
bitter to the touch;
unable to compete,
unable to give enough.

In the morning
we shall pray,
watch as our hands sway
to the slight change;
the moon climbing to the sun
and our new reflection
as we, become one.