I promise none 

of this

will make


that’s the beauty

of it;

to lose touch with


and hold hands 

with the evening. 



I never thought I’d see the day that my passion became overruled by dismay. I never could of imagined this body that now, stares back. I was once a woman of many talents, a woman men looked to for a home but as of late, I find myself bitterly alone.
I never believed in a God, a man who could control our every move, our every thought but now, I can feel his eyes following my lips with a constant, throbbing kiss.
I never pictured myself to be in such a way. I would of liked to have believed this was just a passing phase, though, as I look closer, I see the truth clearer than ever…
I’ve fallen apart, only to be put back together.


Others seem so small,
So bitter to it all;
Dragging their feet along
Pavement after pavement,
Waiting for life to greet them
And give them their well earned payment.
Others seem so alien,
So unreal.
They wait for chances
That may never sail.
Why is this?
Is it classed as simple stupidity
Or simply happiness?


One wondering eye
A shake of the hand
Looks of despise
Hearts singing
Souls losing
Lovers winning
Two pairs of eyes
A shake of the hand
Deals set
Dates made to plan
One man
One child
Three kisses
Feet running wild
One broken silhouette
A beautiful woman slipping off her dress
The living laugh
The dead groan
One past to show
The argument left to shiver and grow
Words on a page
Words on-top of a grave
It’s all the same
It’s all such a shame,
To admire the world
Yet still feel the need to pass blame.

Hearts singing
Souls losing
Lovers winning
Two minds
Three eyes
The birth of life
The loss of living;
Hearts beating, lovers winning.

No Structure To Love

It is impossible to find him
Impossible at best
and reckless to the end
He is pain
and the innocent one combined
It is impossible to catch
a glimpse of him
because he always will hide
Deep in the mind
Sleeping right through to the spine
He is invisible
He is shy
Few words will do more justice
so I shan’t describe.