It’s Trying

And it begins

as ever

as new

It begins

with little time to muster-

to muster up anything of use

it will begin


I can’t say I’m prepared

I can’t


perhaps you’re never prepared

and it’s the start that leads you to learn how-

how to do what?

I’m unsure

but it begins

as ever

it begins.


It’s All Nameless

The competition is

making me weak

I can’t compete

I can’t compete

I can’t compete

I don’t have the energy

or the talent

to persevere

to insist that the

world listen

the world never listens

not until the millions

know your name

I can’t compete

I can’t live

with the same

I’d rather live nameless

than fight for my very

own name.


I never thought I’d see the day that my passion became overruled by dismay. I never could of imagined this body that now, stares back. I was once a woman of many talents, a woman men looked to for a home but as of late, I find myself bitterly alone.
I never believed in a God, a man who could control our every move, our every thought but now, I can feel his eyes following my lips with a constant, throbbing kiss.
I never pictured myself to be in such a way. I would of liked to have believed this was just a passing phase, though, as I look closer, I see the truth clearer than ever…
I’ve fallen apart, only to be put back together.