Waking to Silence in the Afternoon 

Slipping my hand

into the space

where yours

once was-

I marvel at the lightness,

the emptiness 

that sits within

my palms. 

I could go,

go some place else,

where the air 

feels tighter 

but the memories looser-

but, instead,

I cling to empty space,

dreaming of you,

waking in silence. 

Dancing Along in My Head

I thought that I was sitting;

my legs fell,

my hands threw themselves 

up in the air

and, apparently, I was standing,

although, I thought I was sitting-

but I guess none

of that really matters. 

So my legs fell,

my hands panicked 

and my eyes started to droope

like dead roses- 

but I guess none 

of that really matters. 

See, the truth is,

I thought I heard your voice,

I thought I heard you

screaming my name;

I imagined you running to

my aid,

standing me up (although I was already, apparently) 

and shaking my head

along with the breeze-

but I know none of that

really matters.  

I know what- 

nothing really matters,

like the villians say

in comic books;

am I the villain? 

’cause I had you

down as that,

seeing as I’m the one

being second-glanced at,

at the train station

on another, troubsome Friday night. 

But like I said,

none of that really matters,

not anymore. 

23:45 Fri 


I never thought I’d see the day that my passion became overruled by dismay. I never could of imagined this body that now, stares back. I was once a woman of many talents, a woman men looked to for a home but as of late, I find myself bitterly alone.
I never believed in a God, a man who could control our every move, our every thought but now, I can feel his eyes following my lips with a constant, throbbing kiss.
I never pictured myself to be in such a way. I would of liked to have believed this was just a passing phase, though, as I look closer, I see the truth clearer than ever…
I’ve fallen apart, only to be put back together.